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The RELEVANT Podcast

Dec 14, 2012

On this week’s podcast, one of our longtime favorite bands, Lovedrug, stops by the studio to perform a couple of songs from their latest album, Wild Blood. Be sure to check out the videos of their performance below. Plus, the legendary duo of Jesse Carey and Adam Smith joins us IN STUDIO for the entire podcast! This might be the equivalent of a white-elephant gift to some of you, and to others, the greatest gift you’ve ever received. Whatever it is, it’s almost 2 hours long and a whole lot of fun, so sit back and enjoy!

A big thanks to the sponsor of Jesse’s line,, the leading provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment on the Internet. They’re giving all RELEVANT Podcast listeners a free audiobook! To get yours, click here.

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What is the best celebrity pic that you’ve ever snuck with your phone?

The invention of the iPhone has brought us a lot of conveniences, but none more important than the ease of stalking celebrities and taking their photo. We’ve all had an experience where we’ve “pretended to be texting” while zooming in for the perfect stalker shot. So this week, we want to see your best smartphone-captured celebrity pics. And if you haven’t been able to sneak a shot of a real celebrity, send us your best “kinda-looks-like” celebrity pic.