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The RELEVANT Podcast

Jul 30, 2010

The Afters Perform

Plus, Jesse apologizes, the week’s news and entertainment, your feedback and much more …

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Episode Bonus Content


The Afters, "Light Up The Sky"

The Afters, "Ocean Wide"

The Afters, "Say It Now"

The Afters website



Episode Music

Because we know you’re going to ask, here is the music played on this episode:

  • Bishop Morocco, "White City"
  • Rogue Wave, "Permalight"
  • Derek Webb, "Where The Streets Have No Name"
  • Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band, "Leaving Trails"
  • Joel Auge, "Invisible Things"
  • Menomena, "Five Little Rooms"

Podcast Question of the Week

In light of Jesse’s extremely humbling public apology, we wanted to give you the opportunity to apologize on a national platform.   

So this week our podcast feedback section is a platform of healing, transparency and reconciliation. It’s your chance to apologize to anyone for anything and finally get it off your chest!

Respond below or leave us a voicemail and maybe we’ll put you on the podcast!  407-660-1411 ext. 126