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The RELEVANT Podcast

Dec 20, 2005

RELEVANT Staffers discuss feedback on Tara Leigh Cobble’s article from 850 Words of RELEVANT: "How To Dismantle An Idolized Bono" …

Dec 16, 2005

Music and Film releases, King Kong, Narnia, Jesse’s mishap with 357 MadDog, the RELEVANT Christmas Door Decorating Contest, message board giveaways, and so much more …

Dec 9, 2005

This week’s news with music and film overview, Grant Hill news flash, Jesse gets dissed repeatedly, Tyler almost kills a man because of M.C. Hammer, Cameron speaks to youth pastors and much more …

Dec 6, 2005

The week’s news, more about "Rent" and "Brokeback Mountain", Tyler sings more songs, and LOTS more!