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The RELEVANT Podcast

Dec 14, 2007

Deas Vail performs :: Plus, Call+Response creator Justin Dillon, Cameron’s baby news, Slices, your feedback and more …

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Deas Vail

Deas Vail, "White Lights":

Deas Vail, "Birds":

Here’s a link to their website.


Dec 7, 2007

SPECIAL EDITION! :: We play the recent acoustic performance by Jars of Clay from our office in its entirety!

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Nov 30, 2007

The British Invasion Episode :: Designer Lloyd Kinsley joins the crew, some awfully horrific animal encounters, the week’s news, your feedback and more …

Nov 16, 2007

Interview with Morgan Spurlock :: Two special guest hosts on the podcast , the week’s news and entertainment, slices, your feedback and more…

This week on the podcast, we feature an interview with Morgan Spurlock, the guy the behind “Super Size Me” and the executive producer of the new docu-comedy,...

Nov 9, 2007

No More Kings Performs Live :: A special podcast surprise, week 3 of Feltboard Superstars, ghosts and one of the funniest feedback segments in a long time …