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The RELEVANT Podcast

Aug 27, 2010

A Look Inside The New Issue

Plus, our infallible NFL preview, Improv Everywhere strikes again, the week’s news and entertainment and much more …

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Episode Bonus Content

Episode Music

Because we know you’re going to ask, here is the music played on this episode:

  • Arcade Fire, "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)"
  • Tegan and Sara, "On Directing" | Watch The Video
  • Sufjan Stevens, "Heirloom"
  • Wild Nothing, "Chinatown" | Watch The Video
  • Tame Impala, "Solitude Is Bliss"
  • Flobots, "White Flag Warrior (feat. Tim McIlrath of Rise Against)"

Podcast Question of the Week

As Jesse’s slice pointed out, Improv Everywhere has struck again.  So it got us thinking, what idea should be next for Improv Everywhere?

If you were to gather a group of 200 people to go do something to stand out, what would it be?

Also, now that we’ve finished construction on our new video sets, we’re throwing around the idea of doing a video podcast in the near future.  But we want to hear your thoughts first.  Is this a good idea?  Would you watch?  Are we more entertaining to listen to than to look at?

Hit us up and let us know! Respond below or leave us a voicemail and maybe we’ll put you on the podcast!  407-660-1411 ext. 126