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The RELEVANT Podcast

Jul 7, 2008

The Sen. Barack Obama Interview :: Plus, the week’s news and entertainment, week two of Meet the RELEVANT Interns, your feedback and much more …

On the July 7 edition of the RELEVANT Podcast, we started talking about the forgotten "Obama & Me!" 1980s cartoon. (Yes, you have to hear it to get it.)

A few of our most astute and talented listeners not only sent in emails about "Obama & Me," they sent in visuals. Here they are — and if you have some goodies to send in, hit up

From Jen Benson

From Matthew McDaniel

Came across some stills of the infamous lost pilot episode of "Senator Obama & Me."

12 year old Cameron Strang is sitting outside of school, feeling a bit dejected

Cameron: Jeepers! Am I the ONLY one concerned about the gross social injustices in this world?! Everything around me just seem "irrelevant" to what really matters in life!

Sound effect: SHOOOOOOOOM!

Cameron: Senator Obama! The invisible defender of Justice!

Obama: Yes, Cameron, it is I! I have appeared to you for a special purpose! I am asking you to join me in my never ending quest for social change!

Obama: I have brought along my trusty Rele-Van….

Obama: As well as my faithful Rele-Crew! Meet Maya, Lloyd the Guru, & Adam, the only pre-pubescent in the world with a full face of manly stubble.

Obama: With our forces combined we shall bring social change to the world! But, you must remember that you are the only one who can see me!

Maya: Oh, Cameron! You’re dreamy!

Cameron: Jeepers!

Announcer: Join us next week when Obama & the Rele-crew join forces with Senator McCain & his Howlin’ Commandoes!