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The RELEVANT Podcast

Jul 29, 2011


Plus, celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart, the week’s news and entertainment, your feedback and much more …

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Episode Bonus Content

Hear the full interview with Dolorean’s Al James:

Hear the full interview with Jeremy Cowart:

Episode Music:

Because we know you’re going to ask, here is the music played on this episode:

  • Peter Bjorn and John, "Tomorrow Has To Wait"
  • Mates of State, "Maracas"
  • Best Coast, "Gone Again"
  • Gungor, "Brother Moon"
  • Mat Kearney, "Ships In The Night"
  • Bjork, "Crystalline"
  • The Drums, "The New World"

Podcast Question of the Week

In seeking to avoid future road rage situations (be sure to listen to Maya’s slice), we want your help in creating a database of cars and the personalities behind its wheel.

So we’re asking you to tell us what personality goes with what car. And you can tell us the personality in three ways: It could be what CD is in the player, what sticker would be on the back bumper, or what one item is in the car. 

To discuss your answer with the podcast crew, email us your Skype name and we might just put you on next week’s episode! Email: Podcast@relevantmediagroup