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The RELEVANT Podcast

Nov 8, 2013

This week we talk to pop/folk/electronic singer/songwriter, Ellie Goulding. She has a new album out called “Halcyon” and it’s one that you need to have on rotation. Plus, Cameron returns to introduce a new cast member to the podcast. Here’s a hint: he’s appeared on the show before, is a funny guy, and shares our love for falconry. Nothing? How about this: Jesse has been called the “(his name) of podcasting.” Still nothing? Well then you’d better sit down and start listening, because this podcast is about to blow your mind!

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CLICK HERE to get involved in this week’s challenge brought to you by One Life: The challenge is to provide composition notebooks to 150,000 orphan school children in 200 schools in Zimbabwe. One Notebook cost .50 cents and includes a True Love Waits and a Gospel message.


What new segments should the podcast do with Jon Acuff?

This week we introduced our new cast member, the true Jon Acuff of podcasting, Jon Acuff himself. While Jon has some great ideas for new segments he’d like to bring to the show, we want to get your feedback as well. What new segments would you like Jon Acuff and the crew to add or bring now that he’s joined our team?