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The RELEVANT Podcast

May 21, 2010

Filmmaker Dan Merchant

Plus, Jesse runs for "office", the week’s news and entertainment, is it art or is it selling out?, your feedback and much more …

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Episode Bonus Content


The full, unedited interview with Dan Merchant:

Lord Save Us From Your Followers: website

Episode Music

Because we know you’re going to ask, here is the music played on this episode:

  • Sleigh Bells, "Tell Em"
  • Shad, "Yaa I Get It" | Watch The Video
  • The Silver Seas, "The Best Things In Life"
  • Light Pollution, "Oh, Ivory!"
  • William Fitzsimmons, "So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix)"
  • Gorillaz, "Superfast Jellyfish"

Podcast Question of the Week

We want to know which TV shows you thought ended the best (Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, etc…).

And if you didn’t like the ending to one of your favorite shows, how would you change it?

Hit us up and let us know!  Respond below or leave us a voicemail and maybe we’ll put you on the podcast!  407-660-1411 ext. 126