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The RELEVANT Podcast

Nov 1, 2013

This week we talk to Pete Wilson, founding and senior pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, and author of the new book, “Let Hope In.” Listen to hear how you can win a copy of Pete’s new book, and scroll down to hear the full conversation between Pete and Eddie. We also bring you our current media recommendations, discuss some troubling new trends in the church, and try to guess some of the most valuable stars of 2013 (according to a magazine that’s not ours).

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What album from 10 years ago still holds up today?

Last month we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Death Cab For Cutie’s seminal album, “Transatlanticism.” And it made us want to ask you, what other album from 10 years ago still holds up today? Tell us the album, why it holds up, and even a favorite track or two from the album, and we might just play a clip on next week’s podcast.

Bonus: we’ll pick 3 of our favorites responses and send you a copy of Pete Wilson‘s new book, “Let Hope In.”