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The RELEVANT Podcast

Feb 15, 2013

This week, The City Harmonic stops by our studio to perform a few of its best songs. You’ll hear two of the songs on the actual episode, but you can watch videos of all three performances below and over at our YouTube channel. And it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for (or at least a handful of you): The 3rd Annual Nomination Ceremony. Jesse unveils all the categories and nominees, but it’s up to you to go vote for your favorites. We’ll announce the winners on next week’s show. Plus, Cameron goes on a political rant, we create a new “Dance Party” and we read your best Apple feedback.

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Who will take home a coveted Oskarz in the 3rd Annual Award Ceremony?

We all know that the Oscars are right around the corner, but of far greater significance, it’s time for the 3rd Annual Awards – The World’s Leading Competition-Based or Non-Celebrity Reality TV Awards. Who will take home one of these coveted awards? Well it’s up to you to vote and let your voice be heard. Go over to to cast your vote, and while you’re there, be sure to check out the Oskarz Hall of Fame and shed a tear for those we lost this past year. Next week we’ll break out the tuxedos and have the official 2013 Award Show. GO VOTE!