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The RELEVANT Podcast

Jan 18, 2013

This week we introduce you to THE band to know in 2013: The Lone Bellow. The trio makes self-described “Brooklyn country music” and has just released their emotionally captivating self-titled debut (that cracked the top 15 on iTunes). We also talk to Eugene Cho, pastor of Quest Church and founder of One Day’s Wages, a movement seeking to alleviate extreme global poverty. Also, we deal with Lance Armstrong, drop some David Caruso wisdom, and do our best to implement your suggestions for making the show more enjoyable. Oh, and don’t miss our favorite listener-submitted Yolo/Bolo pictures below!

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What is your best David Caruso one-liner?

CSI Miami. It’s a staple on our DVR’s and in our hearts. And as anyone who has invested time in the show will tell you, the best moments come when David Caruso puts on the sunglasses and delivers a gut-punching one liner right before The Who screams in excitement. So this week we want to hear your best David Caruso one-liner. Give us a little context for the scene and then give us “the line.” We’ll have Jesse reenact our favorites on next week’s show.